Extra virgin olive oil

native, cold pressed

1 Grade
hand harvesting
100% Made in Italy

Our green olives are freshly and gently harvested by hand and immediately processed in the local oil mill at 18 degrees to cold pressed extra virgin olive oil.
Olive oil is left in the turbid state and not filtered, because the machine filtering the oil would remove its healthy nutrients. By the way: Olive oil filters and clears itself over the months and forms a low sediment at the end.
The olive oil of “OliveUncle” is alive! Because of its freshness and the high quality, our olive oil flocculates even at low temperatures of 8 degrees and forms small white honeycombs; it then liquefies itself again at room temperatures.
Due to the fresh processing and the optimal soil conditions on our plantation, we can offer you this cold pressed, extra virgin olive oil of the highest class. Its acid value is very low at 0.2%, as our current laboratory test shows – Labortest pdf
We can proudly ensure you that our Olive Oil is one of the best cold pressed olive oils in the world!


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Olives with core!

Why do all our olives have a core in it?
Because the little olive kernel has it in it!


In accordance to our nature-related philosophy, we work as close as close to nature as you can get. That is why we keep our products as natural as possible by minimizing the processing of the olives.


When machine-pitted olives come into contact with metal it has a negative effect on their quality and taste. We definitely want to avoid that!

However, seedless olives are not naturally preserved for very long. In addition, the core of the olive transmits important and healthy nutrients and bitter substances such as phenols to the pulp and it is therefore unfavorable to remove it. Also, the core promotes the healthy and natural chewing movements of the lower jaw, resulting in better blood flow to the head.
For these reasons, the core stays with us!

Black vegan olives with a kernel


Vegan black olives with a kernel
Order & Delivery from 31.1 possible!

On request of our vegan friends and customers we can leave the olives in an unprocessed, natural state. They in that case are stored in wooden boxes and then dried without salt, only by air and sunlight.


Black olives with a kernel


Black olives with a kernel
Order & delivery from 31.1. possible!


Our black olives remain on the tree until their complete maturity and are then – like all our olives – gently harvested by hand. Black olives are naturally somewhat bitter despite their optimal ripeness.

Therefore, they are placed in wooden boxes according to the traditional method and sprinkled with sea salt. Over a period of 3-4 weeks, they are turned by hand several times a day and naturally air-dried, as the sea salt extracts the remaining water from them. This preserves the olives for a long time.


Green olives with kernel


Green olives with kernel
Order and delivery from 1.11 possible!


Our green olives are carefully harvested by hand and traditionally laid in mountain spring water with sea salt, slices of lemon, fennel, bay leaf, 0.3% balsamic vinegar and olive oil. Since green olives are not edible in the harvest stage because of their bitter substances, the salt and the lemon slices are used to extract the bitterness from them. At the same time, the olives are conserved for at least two years using this traditional, natural method. This allows us to completely abstain from artificial preservatives, dyes and chemical additives.


Olive leaves


natural / All sheet / Handmade


Olive leaves – handmade
Order and delivery from 1.11 possible!


Preparation for 1 cup of olive tea (about 250 ml):

Put 1 to 2 teaspoons of the leaves in a cup then pour boiling water over them.
Let it simmer for 10 to 15 minutes, strain and possibly sweeten with sugar or honey.


Like olive oil, olive leaves contain oleuropein, phenolic compounds (hydroxytyrosol, caffeic acid), organic acids and phytochemicals such as flavonoids (olivine, rutin, hesperidin, quercetin). The one responsible for the health properties of olive oil to a large extent is the active ingredient oleuropein. Oleuropein occurs in a higher concentration in the olive leaf than in the olive. The olive oil contained in the olive leaf protects the evergreen olive tree from diseases which is also why olive trees grow several centuries old.
It was shown recently in a Swiss study that extracts of the olive leaves indeed contribute to lowering blood pressure and cholesterol levels.
Unlike green or black tea, olive leaf tea is naturally decaffeinated. The taste of olive leaf tea is reminiscent of green tea. Golden in color, soft and gentle.
Olea europaea – Illustration from “Köhler’s Medicinalpflanzen” from 1887.
After a longer brewing period, the olive leaf tea develops the slightly bitter note familiar from olive oil.
Please completely grate whole leaves so that the ingredients can develop better.



Story of the tea:

Olive leaf tea is mostly distributed in Mediterranean countries. There, the tea has a long tradition and is also used in the practice of natural medicine. The tea has many positive attributes. Already in antiquity the effective power of this plant like the strengthening of the immune system, help with hypertension, with insomnia or nervousness was highly appreciated. To protect the corpse from fungal, bacterial and parasitic infestations, the ancient Egyptians mummified Pharaohs with pressed olive leaves. Hildegard von Bingen a famous german writer recommended olive leaf tea for stomach pain and digestive problems.


Just in Time


In order to be able to offer you products of the highest quality and freshness, we adapt our production to your needs.
This means you make a pre-order and we produce it right then, specifically for you.
Pre-order, production and dispatch therefore is only possible during the olive harvest from 1.10 – to 31.02.
The time of delivery after the receipt of your order could take up to 30-45 days because „Good things take time“.

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Ingredients: 100% Black Sicilian olives without salt, without color and preservatives

= 125 Euro incl. free shipping


Ingredients: 100% Black Sicilian olives 5% sea salt, 3% extra virgin olive oil.

= 125 Euro incl. free shipping


Ingredients: 100% green Sicilian olives, water, sea salt, bay leafs, garlic, 3% lemon juice, 5% olive oil without color preservatives

= 125 Euro incl. free shipping


Ingredients: Extra virgin olive oil with natural turbidity, unfiltered with low sediment.
= 150 Euro incl. free shipping


Ingredients: Extra virgin olive oil, unfiltered with low sediments.
= 250 Euro incl. free shipping



Ingredients: 100% untreated olive leaves – whole leaf, hand harvest & handpicked, air-dried
= 28 Euro


Ingredients: 100% untreated olive leaves – whole leaf, hand harvest & handpicked, air-dried
= 54 Euro


Ingredients: 100% untreated olive leaves – whole leaf, hand harvest & handpicked, air-dried
= 98 Euro


In case of large requests of 100 kg and 100 litre units: 10-20% discount. Please specify the wanted quantity and ask for prices.

The order will be preceded by prepayment:

Please transfer the amount to: Vereinigte Volksbank eG Saarlouis, IBAN: DE98590920001973140201

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